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Camila Cabello is not afraid of changes and sweeps with her new ‘midi bob’ cut

In just one week Camila Cabello has experimented with various looks, from an extra-long knight to a cut ‘bob midi’.

The singer has shown in recent months her security and self-esteem, which has led her to overcome and keep criticism aside.

Camila has earned the respect of its fans when exposed without filters and leave your ‘imperfections’ looking real like any woman.

Camila Cabello exudes confidence with her new haircut

The midi manes took center stage this season and the interpreter of ‘Don’t Go Yet’ knows how to wear it.

Through your account at Instagram surprised with a vibrant outfit and her new haircut.

Your choice to show off empowered it was a jacket suit and rather unusual black satin trousers that exposed his shoulders, simulating a crop top with puffed sleeves.

The singer accompanied the look with some long earrings, a simple makeup with neon shades which she matched with her rainbow french nail design and ssandals in the same tonality.

The publication was not long in being filled with praise when it saw Hair totally transformed and very different from what he has shown in his latest publications with casual outfits.

It currently has more than two million from ‘I like it’ and more of 11K reviews where they praise her beauty and brand her as Queen.

“You are quite a queen”, “your looks are amazing”, I love your transformation “,” Without a doubt you are a queen “,” This look goes crazy “,” ready to give everything “,” you are beautiful anyway “, are some of the comments that you have left in your post.

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