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Camila Cabello let her more natural side show without any makeup

Many times we think that celebrities always look beautiful and perfect thanks to their designer attire, hairstyles of renowned stylists or the work of their makeup artists when it comes to showing themselves on stage, however, Camila Cabello she is one of the artists who breaks with those paradigms.

The singer isn’t afraid to show off her more natural side on social media, letting herself look confident without any makeup, stylish clothes or extravagant hairstyles, simply being herself in front of the camera, whether in a selfie or some photograph from the past.

Camila Cabello dazzles her fans with her natural images

On her personal Instagram account, @camila_cabello, the Cuban composer usually publishes videos and photographs, both past and current, in which she shows herself free of makeup to show her face as it is, without fear of being judged and sure of herself and her appearance.

Such posts cause a sensation in her thousands of fans who are surprised to see the natural beauty of Camila Cabello before the cameras, either on a walk in the park or on her vacation trip on the beach.

In the publications we can see the artist being herself in a series of photographs and videos of her visit to the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sand and the sea breeze on her face without any makeup, just a sincere smile and a positive attitude.

Camila also posted a video of a walk in the park, as well as a live from the comfort of her home, both natural, with simple clothes, loose hair and no colors or cosmetics on her face, sporting her natural beauty and spontaneity.

Camila Cabello in the eye of the hurricane of the showgirl

This week, the Cuban singer was the talk of the press after publishing a photograph on social networks in which some people dedicated themselves to criticizing her physique, because the snapshot showed her abdomen not so flat, as well as some stretch marks and cellulite.

This was trending on the showbiz and social media programs that flooded the networks with criticism, however, Cabello broke the silence and did not miss this opportunity to give classes of self-love and make it clear that she is happy with herself as she is.

“I am grateful for this body that allows me to do everything I do. We are real women with curves and cellulite, with stretch marks and fat. And that’s ours, guys,” the singer said.

The singer also pointed out that for a long time she lived under the problems of anxiety, making it clear that she intends to leave those days behind and be happy with who she is.

“I reminded myself that being at war with your own body is already old-fashioned,” the celebrity said.

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