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Camila Cabello opens up about how criticism of her body has affected her

There are more and more celebrities that claim natural beauty and the idea of ​​accepting our bodies as they are. One of the last stars to make a major plea body positive it was Camila Cabello, who published a video in which she responded forcefully to those who had taken some photos of her doing sports, highlighting that her figure did not look so thin as usual. The singer and protagonist of the new version of Cinderella He explained how, although at first it hurt him a lot to see these comments about his body, he managed to empower himself and send to the world one of the most applauded messages of the moment on social networks and with which many women have felt identified.

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The interpreter of Havana has been completely sincere in an interview with Bustle in which he has told how his personal process has been to learn to deal with the pressure he felt on his physique for the simple fact of being a public figure. Camila Cabello has said that She became completely obsessed with going to the gym and losing weight quickly. Now she says she is convinced that “that is the voice of society in her head.” Something that also happened to his current partner, the musician Shawn Mendes, who even admitted that some days he only slept three hours to be able to spend more time doing sports.

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Camila Cabello has radically changed her way of thinking, prioritizing health over any criticism, which also implies taking care of her mental health. In fact, the singer has admitted that it is not a path that she has been able to travel alone and that has needed to go to therapy to deal with these issues: “You can exercise a few hours a day and never eat carbs or anything, but that’s not a balanced life. That’s not what I want … I can’t change to fit that mold,” has said the excomponent of Fifth Harmony. Before that, Camila Cabello has confessed that she felt very insecure and that she was having a really bad time being forced to change her perception of food.


In relation to his viral video in which he spoke of the criticism he had suffered, he says that it has been a turning point in his way of seeing this matter. In it she referred to the moment in which she was photographed running through the park wearing a top with which she showed her abdomen. “Because I was running around and existing as a normal person who doesn’t bite the bullet all the time!” He energetically exclaimed in the clip. “I felt very liberated when I posted that. Later, I went to the airport and many women approached me like, ‘I saw that TikTok and it influenced me a lot,’ “commented the artist who assures that, Since then, she does not care about the photos that are taken or the comments of the people because now she feels that she is the one who is in control of the situation. Precisely for this reason, she has also stated that from now on she is going to dress as she wants without caring if there are paparazzi around her: “I’m not going to completely alter who I am because of that,” Camila Cabello concluded.

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