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Camila Cabello plays the main role in the new adaptation of the story “Cinderella”. The premiere took place in Los Angeles


The new adaptation of the story “Cinderella” premiered in Los Angeles. The musical presents the fairy tale in a modern vision, in which the main character is a career woman and is no longer looking for her prince. Far from the classic story, she is also the curser in the film who is neither a woman nor a man.

Played by Camila Cabello, Cinderella is now a fashion designer, who does not go to the prom to find her partner, but to make her dresses known. Things get complicated when the prince falls in love with her, and the protagonist puts her career first.

Camila Cabello, actress: Fairy tales can convey so many messages and provide lessons, but sometimes traditional fairy tales do not think they have conveyed even the most appropriate messages, especially for young girls. And I feel that in this film, she is independent and ambitious.

Unlike the character in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, the Cursed One has undergone a major change: she does not identify as a woman or a man. In this role we find the actor Billy Porter who stepped on the red carpet in his extravagant style: dressed in a train skirt.

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Billy Porter, actor: You know, it’s special, me as a curser, magic. And magic is love. Magic has no genre.

The cast also includes actors such as Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan and James Corden. The new version of the film will be released on Friday, on a special streaming platform.

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