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Camila Cabello remembers protests in Cuba

Camila Cabello offered a few words during her presentation |  AFP

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Camila Cabello offered a few words during her presentation | AFP

Camila Cabello, who recently premiered her tape Cinderella, gave a message during his live performance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, which he did remember the protests that broke out in July in Cuba, his native country, from which he left when he was seven years old.

At the end of the presentation of his song Don’t go yet, the single from her next record production, Camila Cabello gave a message to the Cuban government.

“My people ask for freedom, no more doctrines”He said after the number he had at this gala that he was surrounded by great shows, guest stars and tributes to various icons of Latin music.

“That we no longer shout Homeland and Death, but Homeland and Life,” he added, recalling one of the slogans of the demonstrations.

Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello she was in charge of opening the gala with her song “Don’t go Yet”.

Why did they protest in Cuba?

“Liberty!” and “Down with the dictatorship!”, were the most heard cries in Cuba while a demonstration occurred that was first reported in San Antonio de los Baños and that quickly spread to various corners of the country, including Havana, considering a fact that took by surprise everyone, especially the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel.

What were the factors that triggered the massive protest in Cuba? How does the Díaz-Canel government and the international community deal with it? And in what condition is the island today? We will answer you in the following lines.

One of the main effects has to do with the economy. Cuba has dragged on a crisis in that area for a long time, which even motivated the generation of an economic reform that has not been sustainable for all the inhabitants of the territory.


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