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Camila Cabello responds to criticism for her weight gain

camila cabello

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Camila Cabello has a new mantra for weeks: “being at war with your body is very last season”. After the paparazzi photographed her on the beach with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes and exercising in the park and the American media will be fattening his body for his weight gain, The singer has decided that she is not going to let the criticism affect her. Make comments about someone’s figure, Especially about women who are required to be perfect, it is not only a terrible practice that we must end for mental health. What’s more, It is out of fashion as the young Cuban emphasizes.

That’s how resounding it was Camila Cabello A few weeks ago when he uploaded a video to his TikTok profile talking about how ridiculous it is to criticize someone who goes out for a run with their guts in the air because they try to stay ‘fit’ and healthy. She confessed that at first the comments hurt but that later she reminded herself that she was grateful for the body she has. “This body allows me to do what I need. We are real women with curves, stretch marks, fat …”he said in that video.

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Now, he has opened up even more. Although Camila Cabello does not usually read the tabloids, she has confessed in an interview that has conceded to Bustle that he accidentally stumbled upon this embarrassing round of comments over her body while keeping an eye on social media. He remembers thinking that it hurt a lot. “All day I felt insecure. I felt like I was changing the way I think about food and eating … and that it was really spoiling me.”. Later, after having meditated it with serenity, Camila Cabello decided to record that TikTok video in which she emphasized that “being at war with your body is very last season.”

On the force that took this video on social networks, Camila Cabello has confessed: “I felt so liberated when I posted it. After that, I went to the airport and many women came up to me and said ‘I saw that TikTok and I felt very identified'”.

This has helped herself a lot. “In fact, I feel like the insecurities about my body subsided after I posted that because I thought, ‘No matter what images come out or what people say, now I’m controlling the narrative.'”, said Camila Cabello in your interview.

We want to applaud his words. The ‘body shaming’ is embarrassing and it is not pleasant to experience it. Bravo, Camila, you look great in any size. We are all great in any size and no one has to comment on our body.

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