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Camila Cabello reveals the secrets of ‘Don’t Go Yet’ in this video

Camila Cabello is in full promotion of her new musical work, ‘Don’t Go Yet’. A single with which the artist has kicked off her new artistic era and with which she has managed to captivate half the planet with a unique rhythm and lyrics.

‘Don’t Go Yet’ is a song that has not left anyone indifferent, something that has also been achieved with his video clip, which already has more than 10 million views on YouTube two weeks after its premiere. An audiovisual very different from what the artist was accustomed to her audience, therefore, has narrated some production notes and the curiosities that surrounded the recording through a making off.

In it you can see the extended version of the video clip of the song in real time accompanied by small posters that analyze the key scenes of his recording. Throughout the video, Camila Cabello says that the first day she and the songwriters stayed to compose it, they were listening to a lot of classic Brazilian and Cuban songs from the 1950s.

In addition, the singer-songwriter also reveals that another of his great inspirations for the album and the single has been cooking, becoming one of his favorite hobbies. Regarding the choreography of the dance, Camila has confessed that she has tried to introduce some of the crazy steps that she sees in some of her relatives when they are celebrating. A bet with which he has wanted to project a fun and improvised dance.

But that is not all, The singer has also revealed that some members of her family appear in the video clip, which were mixed together with part of his team and cast of actors that complete the family group. Specifically, in the video his father Alejandro, his sister SofĂ­a and his cousin Carolina appear, who have brought that real family touch.

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