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Camila Cabello says that going to therapy saved her from anxiety

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    By now, fortunately most of us are aware of the enormous importance of mental health. It is essential for our life to be full and the fact that many ‘celebs’ normalize psychological problems and open up by telling their own experience helps a lot. We have great examples to draw inspiration from, from Selena Gomez to Simone Biles, the most recent case, who withdrew from the Olympics to focus on herself. Has now been Camila Cabello who, once again, has acted as the referent that he is, being honest about his anxiety.

    The singer and now actress does not hesitate to speak naturally about her insecurities or problems whenever they ask her. In fact, she has already confessed on occasion that, for example, the fact that her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, is so handsome, imposes on her. Now he has done an interview for the medium ‘Page Six’, where he reveals that confinement changed his life.

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    As she explained, after nine years of uninterrupted work, she felt exhausted and broken. “Before the pandemic I was burned. I lived with a lot of anxiety, it was too much and I couldn’t hold it. I felt like I was running with a broken leg,” he confessed.

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    With this situation he reached a point where, according to account, wanted to put a solution and go to therapy. Since then, he assures that he is much better and knows how to deal with problems in a different way. “Now I know that I have to take care of myself. Nobody except me is going to know when I have reached a limit, so I have to watch out for that.” Great decision, Cami!

    He also explains that he has gained a lot of balance, he has learned to say no and try not to burn himself. In addition, she has the support of Shawn and all the fans who adore her. In fact, to check all that she has gained by going to the psychologist, you just have to see how she responds to the ‘haters’ when they criticize her for her body: with more photos in a bikini.

    Camila Cabello is an example to follow!

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