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Camila Cabello surprises with a paraded bob cut that slims her face

Camila Cabello Surprises her community of followers with a change of look after the summer and opts for the paraded bob. It is a type of cut that frames the face and has a rejuvenating power, so it tends to favor all ages, just like the shaggy XS or the pixie, cuts that are also maximum trend this 2021.

There are times of the year that are considered ideal for look changes and, meeting at the end of August and with the return to the offices around the corner, we could say that we are in one of them. After the eternal exposure of the hair to the sun during the summer months our hair may be more damaged than usual. Therefore, deciding to go to a hairdresser before starting the new course may be the right choice.

Camila Cabello chooses a trendy haircut in 2021

And so has the singer Camila Cabello. The protagonist of the new film from Cinderella has opted for the bob cut. A haircut that evokes the decade of the 20s and that will be worn by lovers of trends in terms of beauty. In 2021, however, we will witness how the Bob cuts are sported with a touch of modernity. Thus, Camila Cabello he wanted to opt for a paraded finish of it. It will be extremely versatile.

Bowl cut, collaborne cut, midi-long, DIY cut, medium bob, short bob … You are probably thinking that finding the right cut and color for you is more complicated than you had imagined. However, we will tell you that the key to success will be to find a center where a professional can advise you on which hairstyle (in trend) favors you the most due to the shape of your face and your style.

The Cuban singer has combined her new haircut with vibrant eye makeup, extra-long beaded earrings, and a sleek, sophisticated outfit in black. Delve into the endless options of haircuts to which you can choose and stay with the one that best suits you. It’s time to take a chance with an unexpected makeover and renew your image for the next autumn / winter season 2021! This is the cut with which you will achieve a much more youthful and cheerful appearance!

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