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Camila Cabello tells how she overcame the insecurity about her body | Celebs U

The singer managed to control the conversation about her image and inspire other women.


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Camila Cabello revealed how she overcame feeling insecure about her body, a month after photos of her looking like an average woman were released. Although the singer was a victim of body shaming, acknowledges that therapy and a TikTok video helped her regain confidence in herself and in her image.

“Yes I have felt obsessive: I need to go to the gym, I need to do everything, I need to lose weight quickly. I have felt this way. It’s the voice of society in your head”, Camila explained in an interview with Bustle.

“All day I felt insecure. I felt like I was changing how I think about food and eating, really messing me up. “Camila Cabello confessed about the comments she read about her image.

Shortly after, the singer posted a TikTok video in which she defended that there is nothing wrong with looking like a normal person without posing every moment. “I felt very liberated when I published it. Then I went to the airport and many women spoke to me and said: ‘I saw your TikTok and I felt very identified’”He recalled.

“In fact, I think that the insecurities about my body diminished when I published it because I thought: ‘no matter what photos appear or what people say, now I am controlling the narrative,'” said Camila Cabello, who has learned from therapy that “You can exercise for several hours and never eat carbs or whatever, but that’s not a balanced life.”.

“It’s not what I want, I can’t change to fit that mold“Said the singer, who warns that she is not going to dress for the paparazzi nor for others.

Camila Cabello’s message via TikTok

The message of body positivity of Camila Cabello was given a month ago, when people judged the look with which he went out to exercise. who criticized his body. “I was just running in the park (…) and I’m wearing a top that shows my belly”the singer declared.

“I was running around and existing as a normal person who doesn’t mess with it all the time,” added Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend.

“I reminded myself that being at war with your body is so from last season,” warned the singer, who defended looking like a real woman, “with curves, cellulite, stretch marks and fat”.

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