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Camila Cabello took to the streets to promote “Cinderella”

Camila Cabello is more than ever excited about the premiere of Cinderella’s Live Action series what will the light see this September 3 through Amazon Prime.

Therefore, he has not skimped on promoting this new more sophisticated and empowered version in the company of part of the cast who used their creativity to take to the streets to encourage his fans to see this story of the Disney princess.

After James Corden’s invitation to his show they could not fail to comply with the regulations of the program that always asks its artists or personalities perform a musical to promote their work.

Camila Cabello took to the streets to promote “Cinderella”

The peculiarity is that they do it in the streets and more specifically before a traffic light that while pointing the light in redThis can allow time for the cast to promote and fans can get a closer look at their favorite stars.

For Camila and the rest of his classmates this more than a challenge meant An experience in which they had fun, but with which they also generated hundreds of reactions to the fans.

And is that there were those who did not agree very much in the way Corden approached some of the privileged ones who had at their wheel the beautiful and talented actress and singer, as well as the irreverent Billy Porter.

Well for many Corden’s dance was grotesque and unkind to them, So much so that it even went viral and is something that is being talked about the most on social networks.

Reactions to Corden’s dance

There were users who remembered that Beyond the spontaneity and style that each artist or figure may have, this story is clearly childish and therefore must be consistent with this plot.

With The movements made by this animator not only broke with the protocol or essence of the children’s story, but also turned out to be a bad example for the little ones who will enjoy this premiere in streaming.

Nevertheless, this did not manage to cloud the emotion that many felt when seeing Camila up close and the rest of the actors and characters in this new version of the classic children’s story.

What will happen in Cinderella Live Action with Camila Cabello as the protagonist?

The new proposal aims to be one of the most viewed on this streaming platform, It deals with the life of a girl who dreams of being an outstanding designer and who owns one of the most glamorous clothing brands.

Here we will see the interpreter of “SeƱorita” gradually materialize that dream in which she also She will be accompanied by some very funny characters that will help her make this wish come true.

Billy Porter stands out with her role as a non-binary fairy godmother that will teach you to take every step and surround yourself with the people who will push you to make your brand of clothing the most famous and that everyone wants to wear.

What’s more, a more hopeful scenario will be shown than the one everyone knows from the original story.

As if that were not enough, this plot It will be set with unreleased songs sung by the beautiful and powerful voice of Cabello, as well as hits by important musical bands that will evoke nostalgia.

It is also expected that the new version has the most diverse motivating messages for girls who like Cinderella they want to achieve their goals and that they go beyond having a prince charming by their side who loves them and be happy forever.

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