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Camila Cabello will have a song about Cuba written with Yotuel

“I have a song from before the protests started. I had done a song with Yotuel, on my new album, which is called ‘Lola’”Camila Cabello explained. Thus he confirmed that will launch a theme about Cuba written side by side with the artist who put a soundtrack to the demonstrations in Havana.

The colaboration will be part of his third studio album, which is named Family, and whose first single “Don’t Go Yet” has already become a hit. Cabello made it clear that it was created before the events of July 11. Since then, she has been firm in denouncing what, she says, happens on the island.

Camila Cabello will have a song about Cuba written with Yotuel

“That is the power of music, and I have talked about it with Yotuel and Gente de Zona, who are changing the history of Cuba and empowering people who have been under the influence of fear for so long,” said the singer for highlight the role played by your colleagues.

It should be remembered that he was born in Cojímar, a town that is located about seven kilometers from Havana. Of a Cuban mother and a Mexican father, he commented that he is not surprised by the impact the song had “Homeland and Life”(the famous Yotuel theme), because it carries a strong message in a forceful way.

“Let them know that they are not alone, and that the rest of the world is seeing how that government is treating its people,” was his message to the Cuban people. “Today I feel very proud of being Cuban and even more of the young Cubans, who have taken to the streets and who are leading a change. Despite the repression and despite the fear, all fighting for freedom. Let’s unite our voice to theirs ”, he had posted on July 22 on his Instagram account, wearing a T-shirt that said“ Homeland and life ”.

Camila Cabello asked for the freedom of Cuba on the Latin Billboard

Camila Cabello kicked off the Latin Billboard Awards party with a performance of “Don’t Go Yet” in which, to close, she ended with the shout of “Patria y vida”. “For my people who suffer, but who are no longer silent. For my beautiful people, and my Cuban land. My people ask for freedom, no more doctrines. That we no longer shout Homeland and Death, but Homeland and Life, “he said.

It should be remembered that in July, during the Premios Juventud, she was in charge of presenting the performance of Gente de Zona and Yotuel Romero interpreting the theme that gave the protests the motto.

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