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Camila Cabello would spend her career olympically for her mental health

Camila Cabello he says he will never allow his job to affect his mental health in a “negative” way. The 24-year-old singer started her pop career as a member of the girl group ‘Fifth Harmony’, who was formed on the American version of the musical talent presented by Simon Cowell, “X Factor” in 2012, and after almost a decade in show business has learned to prioritize her mental health and put herself first.

Speaking of his work, he said: “If it is affecting my mental health in a negative way, I will say no and do it another wayCamila has made her acting debut in Kay Cannon’s new interpretation of the fairy tale ‘Cinderella’ and has also talked about the love she receives from her fans, admitting that she feels very supported by them on social media whenever she has been. criticized her body in the press as happened a few months ago when they called her fat.

In an interview with the new issue of HUNGER magazine, he said: “The next time there are photos of me showing my belly, there will be a community of women who have heard me talk about how it makes me feel and who support me. And that honestly is very liberatingThe ‘Don’t Go Yet’ singer, who has a relationship with Shawn Mendes, is preparing to release her third solo album, ‘Familia’, later this year, and has revealed that Billie’s latest album Eilish, ‘Happier Than Ever’, has been a huge inspiration for her. “I saw a quote from Billie where she said, ‘I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t forced, there was no pressure, it was just so pretty. And I feel the same about the process of this album to me. “

Camila also recently revealed that has found a better work-life balance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The singer took to Instagram a few days ago to explain the importance of rest. “One of the most important things I learned during the pandemic was the importance of REST. Before, I had no choice but to stop and stay still, I didn’t know what work-life balance was. I felt guilty during rest days because I felt that I was not being productive or that I could be doing more. At the same time, just before we were forced to quarantine, I was completely burned out and felt like I couldn’t keep doing this race. So I started to see how after resting during that period, cultivating new hobbies, prioritizing my mental health, friendships and relationships, making time for exercise and also enjoying being lazy again, I started to feel naturally inspired, passionate and much more. creative. “

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