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Camila Cabello’s blunt message about being normal and not having “your belly tucked in” all the time | Shows Wake Up America

carlos: this weekendyou lived camila hairexercising and causingrevealed, so she commandedmessage about the body and inspecial to women.let’s see it and ask youyou qé opine.>> [habla en ingés]carlos: aí have that greatvoice, and it’s little pancitais confirmed for “awardsyouth” . qé controversywith camila, many say noit’s good that it’s presented to 100úblico, however safe it isdaring?anita: it’s super good, melove, imagine, with so muchtrauma you had in the past,that if chubby or not, I didn’t getbikini is like up to 30years, and that’s because Ithey forced, but I was sorryall, I’m glad womenmyselves.bravo, camila.carlos: elyanélica, says shethat it was already fashionable thatfeeling ashamed by thebody.elyanelica: that’s true, it’sa reality, but it canunderstand a little fanswhen they understand or believethat people artists arePerfect.eats deás and gains pounds, it ispeople of this world, it’s notalien, not a thingthat is out of the ordinary.what i’m not right is thatwe becomejudges of those people.everyone is as it is, and everywho with their own battles.carlos: somehow shego ahead and make judgmentbe yourself to avoid lawsuitsdeás.maity: she was running,he realized that they were makingpaparazzi, and goes ahead.person who if we eatdeás we will notice, camilahair is an artist who willwe’ve seen it change from girl tofor that change in his body,he knows it’s going to change.they are in the ublic eye.there’s someone else, just liketalented that walks, thatselena ómez, and we have seen herchange, now she is awoman, in her 30s, and her bodyit’s from a woman in her 30s.that you could be more fit,who, but she feelswell, the difficult thing for her isbe in the eye, and receivecíticas while your bodyit is changing.carlos: also to ourdear johnny we know himsince childhood, and you have thebody of an athlete, compadre.don’t you think it affects thefans who wash her like aexample to follow isically?johnny: we are in anépocawhere simply all theworld, when it is not fit, isprotects, and has all theright.in my case I’m not going to defend myselffor I am skinny by nature,as an animal andI just don’t get fat.I have to get a lot of exerciseto be able to rescue me.there are people who do not, who whatwe must see, we return to whatsame, it is by qé all thetime we must opine on thein a mirror?carlos: what does luis say?because hollywood is so cruel.luis: absolutely, becausewe have the idea that thecelebrities have to bePerfect.we are seeing ómo esáchanging this situation, and there isthat normalize fat, thecellulite, it’s just going toframe.

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