Camila Sodi reflected on the coronavirus after contracting the disease: “it Is a great lesson for all”


A few days ago the actress Camila Sodi confirmed in their social networks that she and her daughter Fiona were positive to COVID-19. He commented that they were in contact with a person who has coronavirus.

Now, this Saturday, the mexican people reflected on what is happening in the world because of this disease. “Every day is different, some better than others. The symptoms will come and go as in waves or peaks. And the only thing that has served me daily is to have a positive attitude and be grateful”, he wrote in a publication of Instagram.

“It is a great lesson for all. We’re going to be fine. Very well. All. Back to the important thing as a species. The important thing is to be with those who love them, care for them , to enjoy them and to thank them for their love. Love. See. Wake up”he reflected on the pandemic that hit the world few months ago.

He spoke in favour of a support altruistic. “Being part of a global community that is not defined by our race, geographic location, government, or economics. A global community of conscious human. They care for each other and take care of your planet. Brothers and sisters that have each other for shaking hands in good times and in bad . Look into the eyes of a stranger and have faith and certainty that you can trust him or her”, put forward the interpreter of the series of Luis Miguel of Netflix.

And is that a few days ago the actress told the hard time that goes through after that to find out about your disease. “I started having all the symptoms, all, all, all… And then my daughter felt very bad, her-yes we did the test because I had a high fever and came out positive which means I am also positive”, he said.

The singer explained that among the symptoms that have been presented are some that usually go unnoticed. “That’s a lot of people do not know, the belly as well as revolt, with a lot of gas, the dry mouth,” he said.

The star of “Luis Miguel” Series be assured it is communicating about their condition to raise awareness and spread a message of mutual care among the population.

“Please, the programs of gossip we are not interested in what celebrities have coronavirus and what notthe only reason I’m telling you this is because between us, we need to take care of and we have to give tips. We don’t all have the same symptoms,” he explained.

In addition, the daughter of Ernestina Sodi urged their followers to stay home and not go to the hospital if the symptoms are not of a severity significant.

“If you have 30 or less and you don’t have warmth as well fuertísima and you don’t feel that you can’t breathe then please do not go to do the test, do not go to the hospital, stay in your house, drink plenty of water”, recommended. “If you have children, the children recover much faster, also a lot of water, plenty of rest,” he added.

Despite his revelation, Camila said she was in good spirits and a positive attitude, which, along with moderate exercise have helped her to stay strong and cope with this situation. “Exercise to me has helped me, very light, slowly, but it gives me encouragement”, he said.

In addition, the former partner of Diego Luna, who is the father of their children Jerome and Fiona, sent a message of unity to ensure that open channels of communication between the society.

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