Camila Sodi says that the symptoms of COVID-19 will come and go


Camila Sodi take with calm his recovery after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

The actress is at home positive and grateful with this that seen as an opportunity to reflect on what is truly important.

Through a publication in your account of Instagram, Sodi explained that the symptoms of the COVID-19 they come and go as in waves or spikes, however, believes that she and her daughter are going well.

With a snapshot of your face, Camila wrote a message about what allows this health crisis has forced people to seek refuge in their houses to stop the infection.

“Every day is different , some better than others. The symptoms will come and go as in waves or peaks .And the only thing that I has served me daily , is to have a positive attitude and be grateful. It is a great lesson for all. We’re going to be okay. Very well. All. Back to the important thing as a species. The important thing is to be with those who love them, care for them, to enjoy them and to thank them for their love. Love. See. Wake up. Be part of a global community that is not defined by our race , geographic location, government, or economics. A global community of conscious human. They care for each other and take care of your planet brothers and sisters that have each other for shaking hands in good times and in bad. Look into the eyes of a stranger and have faith and certainty that you can trust him or her. Let’s build that bridge that we need between the fear and the love and caminémoslo together.”

Mexico reported on Friday, 132 new cases of the coronavirus in the country, bringing the figure to a total of 717 people were infected, while the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador showed a speech more convincing with regard to the measures to be taken to curb the outbreak.



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