Camilla Pandozzi: in “Ex-Stasi”, inside each song

Young and talented, let’s meet again. Camilla Pandozziintending to introduce us to his new song, “Former Stasi employee”.

A song that will tell us about love, about choice, about how you can leave for the sake of love.

Welcome back to La Gazzetta dello Spettacolo, Camilla Pandozzi. “Ex-Stasi” is the title of your latest single, which has been on the radio since mid-September. How did this song come about and how many of you are in it?

The basis of the song was born in the studio with my producer Cosmo Masiello, and we can compare the song to a real journey. We wanted to experiment with an innovative genre of music and I had that in mind. We were able to distill that into a core that, as soon as I heard it, made me say “WOW.” From my town Formia he came to the United Kingdom. I have been collaborating with the author Alessandro Gigli for some time now, and together we have translated into writing everything that I had inside. In fact, Ex-stasi was born after a romantic breakup and brings together a whirlwind of emotions that results in a coincidence of notes and tones that open up a new world. So within the Ex-Stasi there is a Camilla, a rebellious Camilla, a romantic Camilla, a Camilla who screams furiously for the right to happiness.

There is an important theme in your Ex-Stasi, a play on words that leads back to the ecstasy in which it becomes important to let go of the other…

Definite! We need to know how to let go of another person when they are no longer a source of happiness because holding on can do much more harm than letting go. Hence the play on the words “Ex-stasy” and “Ecstasy,” because if an ex becomes a source of stasis and we manage to let him go, we can find ourselves again.

Your musical path that has led you to music since you were just seven years old. Remember how it all happened?

Music has always been a part of my life. At home I was lucky enough to be surrounded by musical instruments and immediately showed great interest, so much so that my mother always told me that I began to sing first and then talk. Today I am taking a vocal development course with my wonderful vocal coach Serena Ottaviani and studying the piano because I am convinced that in order to sing well and write your own songs, you also need to be able to play.

Which and how many myths have guided your creative path and who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I’ve always listened to all genres of music, from the 70s and 80s to The Cranberry, Queen to Georgia, Frank Sinatra to Miley Cyrus. It is important to listen to all genres of music to broaden your horizons. My favorite singers are Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Emma Marrone, and they are the ones I would like to collaborate with, but I can assure you that I would not disdain others. When different musical souls meet, masterpieces are born.

Who is Camilla Pandozzi besides music?

Camille is an introspective girl who has difficulty forming friendships with her peers and lives in her comfort zone with older people, but when she manages to empathize, she also gives her soul.

What can you tell us about your creative future, Camilla Pandozzi?

My new song “Illusioni” will be released very soon with the great Beppe Carletti. I’m currently working on a very important project, which, for luck, I’ll keep to myself. I hope I can talk to you in the future. Until then, good music everyone!

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