Camille Lellouche: her “mental health” in danger? This Instagram comment which worries a lot …


And it is a photo with her girlfriends that triggered the concern of a surfer …

In 2015, Camille Lellouche participated in The Voice season 4, and managed to go to the semi-final of the competition. Not having won, the young woman decides to give up this side of her life, and to concentrate on other talents, and in particular humor.

Indeed, thanks to her imitations of ordinary people and her second-degree jokes, the latter has managed to make the buzz on Instagram and to impose itself in the very closed world of comedians. Unfortunately with the health crisis, Camille Lellouche decided a few months ago to put an end to this career and to return to her first dream, the song.

Very popular on social networks, Camille Lellouche, like many of her comrades, is the target of bad comments sometimes. And this time, the haters’ brigade struck again! Camille shared a photo with her friends on her Instagram account.

We can see the three young women all dressed in black, pose quite seriously. In comments, a user is worried about Camille’s state of health.

“You look tired to me even being disguised as Pussycat Dolls I feel exhausted to entertain your followers non stop with your stories it’s not an obligation you know you can very well take a few days without posting anything they will be always there the people who love you and your absence can revive a spontaneity which seems to me disappeared (…) I encourage you to lower the pace a little it will be positive and for your followers also for your mental health. “

A comment to which the young woman has not yet responded …