Camille Lellouche tackles women who abuse cosmetic surgery


On her Instagram account, Camille Lellouche has just published a new little sketch in which she tackles women who abuse cosmetic surgery … and who subsequently become mothers.

Last October, Camille Lellouche gave herself over to her complexes via an advertising campaign organized by the FitTrack brand: “I had complexes about my weight for almost 10 years, and the people around me were only supporting it. ‘You’re too skinny’, ‘you’re skeletal’, ‘Looks like my little sister’ and so on! I love the challenge @ fittrack.france offers by posting your weight proudly. ‘we do, the important thing is to be in good shape and to feel good about your body, ”also noted the comedian on Instagram where she reveals to weigh 47 kilos today.

Camille Lellouche had also confided to have had recourse to breast augmentation: “I had none at all. I say it because I assume it. I just wanted breasts because I have always been very thin and I suffered a lot before. It was a really complex, “she confided in 2018 to Millenials. And to continue: “It really changed my life!”. And if she is obviously “for” cosmetic surgery, she condemns the fact of abusing it.

“You look like a tire” 
In a video published this Sunday, January 17, 2021, the comedian openly mocks those who abuse passages on the pool table: “Frankly I understand, we have complexes, me the first … woman, the man everyone has it! I understand the surgery when it’s a complex you need it, your nose is too big you don’t like it, or you have big breasts or too small breasts, etc. ..when it is justified all that, I understand “she advanced.

“But when it gets too much, you look like a tire and from there you make children. And these children when they go out they are normal and since they are normal we look at them and at first glance we say ‘wow, not phew eh’ “she then had fun before adding:” While the poor are normal, because of you we look at them we say ‘he looks like a catfish right?’ “.

The comedian ended by giving some advice: “It’s a shame … think about when you are going to get old, it will fall again at some point. Pulled, pulled, pulled … it’s loose eh” she said concluded with a laugh.