Camille Lou topless on Instagram: Internet users surprised by the publication of the actress


It’s a new snapshot of the sexiest that Camille Lou shared on her Instagram account.

After a difficult year, there is no question for Camille Lou to stay in the cold and the gray for the transition to 2021. So for the occasion, and especially to regain morale, the actress flew to Tanzania, and more particularly Zanzibar, with her companion Romain Laulhe.

Taking advantage of the warmth and the unique landscape, the couple decided to go on a safari, then return to spend a few days on the archipelago. A heavenly holiday that Camille Lou is delighted to share with her subscribers on her Instagram account.

But the actress of the Bazar de la charite does not only share the sumptuous landscapes or her endless walks, but also takes the opportunity to show herself, happier than ever. Visiting the famous cave with crystal clear water, Kuza Cave, the young woman took the opportunity to take a little dive and bask in this dream setting. Alone in the middle of nature, Camille Lou also took the opportunity to drop the top and undertake a small photo shoot with her spouse. It is then with a topless photo, in the middle of the cave that the singer and actress caused a sensation among Internet users. A photograph accompanied by a caption ”  Clear water, clear mind  ” supplemented by a quote from the writer William Boyd, “Maybe life is like that – you try to see clearly, but what you see is never clearer and never will be. The more we try, the worse the disorder gets. All that is left to us are approximations, nuances, multitudes of plausible explanations. Make your choice ”.

A very sexy publication but above all in beauty which immediately conquered Internet users “  What an incredible photo! “,” So sexy, enjoy my beautiful “” Really beautiful “ and many others, but also certain personalities like Gil Alma, actor in Our dear neighbors”  Beware of jellyfish when you’re naked  “, a very funny comment that has caught the attention of the young woman’s subscribers.