CAMIP 3 Zunil’s contract cleaners are trained in the disinfection of the central equipment area

Glenda Peralta Morales, Director of Nursing; Ruth Alvarado Sutuj, Nursing Assistant, and Jennifer Lucía Deocuté Rodríguez, Nursing Assistant, CAMIP 3 Zunil, provided contract service personnel during the final cleaning of the equipment center area Aspects of training to consider.

“When inspecting the cleanliness and conditioning of medical equipment, responsible personnel must wear latex gloves, caps, shoes and surgical gowns”Peralta explained. In addition, he emphasized the importance of designating personnel to be vaccinated against hepatitis B.

Among the key points of the training, professionals explained the disinfection procedures in the central area of ​​the unit’s equipment, including:

  • Classify the area to be cleaned
  • Prepare equipment (bucket, vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, and hospital disinfectant)
  • Prepare solutions according to physical area classification
  • Start cleaning from the clean area. When starting a hospital to clean a dirt-free area.Contamination between areas will be avoided
  • get wet when cleaning
  • replace cleaners
  • Wet the mop, start mopping the ceiling, walls, and finally the floor
  • Floors are cleaned in a zigzag direction from the inside out
  • Let the sanitizer work for 10 minutes
  • Clean walls from top to bottom
  • Take it out in the same way after 10 minutes

Nursing assistant Ruth Alvarado demonstrated how to don the PPE, answered questions and provided them with informational material on the topic.

An equipment center is vital to every hospital unit as it is where surgical gowns and surgical medical instruments are gathered, prepared, sterilized, sorted and distributed to the medical unit for all nursing services.

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