Can bird flu outbreaks spread to humans? : What Epidemiologists Say

In the past few hours, the death of the man was confirmed. Sea lion spotted on a beach on the Atlantic coastNecochea and Mar del Plata, both products of the spread of contagion Avian Influenza. Can the disease be transmitted to humans?

According to epidemiologists Roberto Debag (MN60.253 for Infectious Disease Scientists) Telenoche (El Trece)Transmission to humans is extremely rare’, stressing that of the approximately 5,000 outbreaks recorded in the world, there have been only 10 cases of human infection.

In turn, he stated The only way to catch the disease is through direct contact with the animal’s droppings or the dead body itselfTherefore, the people who are most likely to get sick are those who take swabs and dispose of dead bodies. “You have to have a lot of biosecurity,” he advises.

In turn, he calmed the crowd and revealed that “there is no risk of a bird flu pandemic”.

Also speaking, Fauna Marina president Juan Lorenzetti said it was “normal” for animals to come to the coast at this time, but what happened in Necochea and Mar del Plata was “explosive”. .

In addition, he noted that sea lions that come to the coast they have a seizureunable to control his body: “A central feature of the disease’, he explained.

In turn, he stated The phenomenon started in Peru this January As the months passed, it “declined”: “It went from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It started in Peru and from there spread to Tierra del Fuego. Later he arrived in Buenos Aires”.

After the increase in cases, he warned that bird flu could spread to the Uruguayan colony, considered the most important in South America.

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