“Can love be found?” The network is discussing the possible participation of Anna Rizatdinova in the show The Bachelor

The gymnast thinks that finding love on the project is difficult, but possible (Photo: instagram.com / anna_rizatdinova)

Anna Rizatdinova, a gymnast, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games and finalist of the Dance with Stars show, said what she thinks about the Bachelor project.

“I saw that some media were spreading information that I was the new Bachelor of the country) And I thought … As the ratings and public interest showed, the Bachelor project hit the very heart of the spectators. But here the question is: is it realistic to find your love surrounded by cameras? Yes, I believe it is possible. But it’s hard to tell right away whether it would have happened to me or not. Because meeting the same person is not such an easy task, ”the gymnast wrote in the post.

In addition, she spoke about her ideal of a man:

“The ideal man for me is, first of all, a man of his word. I do not like it when they only speak, and then do nothing or do not fulfill their promises. For a man I want to feel like behind a stone wall, to understand that there is a defender who will intercede in any situation.

Secondly, he must have priorities. I understand that it is difficult to meet this now. For most men, work, business, friends come first, and only then family. But still, I naively believe that I can find a person for whom I and the children will be a priority, “Anna Rizatdinova shared.

The gymnast also asked the subscribers whether she should agree to the project if they were called, and most of the gymnast’s subscribers were delighted with this idea. Although there were also those who did not consider the project sincere and worthy of the champion’s attention: “No, it is not necessary. PR should be in moderation. You will not meet your person there. “,” It depends on what goals you pursue: more popularity – yes, to find love – no “,” No, everyone goes to such projects for the sake of money and popularity. And you already have it. “

There is no official information about who will become the new Bachelor.

We will remind you, in the fall during the show Dances with stars Anna Rizatdinova and ex-participant of the show Bachelor football player Sergei Melnik announced their romance. However, shortly after the completion of the project, the gymnast admitted that they were connected only by friendly relations.