Can Stephen Curry and LeBron James return to American glory in 2024?

One of the unknowns causing the biggest controversy is the possibility of Stephen Curry and LeBron James joining Team USA when the 2024 Olympics take place in Paris.

With the United States losing the Basketball World Cup again this year, people are evaluating the possibility of uniting all the stars to get this team to the top again and prove why the NBA is considered the best. World Basketball League.

The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers star will likely represent his country in the multi-disciplinary event, competing for gold and establishing new supremacy.

It’s worth noting that Steve Kerr will once again be in charge of Team North America, so it will be easier to recruit Steph to the event, or even LeBron, who will surely be available for the final Olympics of his career.

If so, not only would this go down as one of the most important one-goal duos in history, but they would also have other greats like Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum, Devin Boo Grams or Anthony Davis, they look like names to call to participate.

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