Cannes 2023: The most beautiful looks on the red carpet

Lots of colour, but above all many divas: we put to vote the 10 most beautiful looks we saw on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

Lots of colour, but above all many divas: we put to vote the 10 most beautiful looks we saw on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

how well it glides Croisettemy lady. red carpet Cannes often attracts stars who choose this color for their looks, but this year has been a true riot. RedMaybe even unprecedented. In general, elegance and good taste prevail, not without flashes of creativity, expressed through an exaggerated amount of fabric and a non-trivial choice of colors (baby blue, orange, canary yellow). We will remember Cannes 2023 Like a family celebration: Michael Douglas paraded arm in arm with his wife (and what a wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones, with whom, incidentally, he had fallen in love at first sight) and daughter; But Claire Mastroiannigodmother of ear 76, with mother Catherine Deneuve. But let’s go back to the clothes: let’s take a look at 9 unforgettable looks on the red carpet together Cannes Film Festival 2023,

Beatrice Borromeo in Dior: 9½ points

Journalist, model, film producer, member of a royal family… Beatrice Borromeo really has it all in her curriculum vitae. An expertise that can be added is undoubtedly the ability to wear a haute couture creation dior (of whom she is House Ambassador) as if it were specially conceived for her: macrame lace (and here’s the hand Maria Grazia Chiuri, no doubt about it) creates a sophisticated and sensual effect of transparency in black and nude options. To complete the look, a simple half-updo and thin wavy diamond earrings featuring a Scaramazza pearl adorn Beatrice’s neck. Perfection is not of this world. or maybe yes?

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Jourdan Dune in Elie Saab Couture: Vote 8

Jourdan Dunn in Elie Saab Couture at Cannes 2023

Joel C. Ryan / InVision / AP – LaPresse

If orbit were a color, it would be sugar paper Jourdan Dunn dress. sculptural, but airy at the same time, it can only enchant us, as if it were a cinderella Modern. So much so that we doubt that such a pretty dress is the work of a fairy godmother. The dress’s voluminous neckline resembles the petals of a flower, while the woven bodice adds an extra sense of movement to the airy and voluminous dress. taffeta, Princely.

Maya Hawke in Schiaparelli: Vote 9

Maya Hawke in Schiaparelli at Cannes 2023Joel C. Ryan / InVision / AP – LaPresse

whenever the conditions”denim” And “red carpet”, our brains go fishing in the bottom of the memory drawer for what looks to be a disastrous total Britney Spears Dare to wear it hand in hand with Justin Timberlake (also in all jeans) at the 2001 American Music Awards. Twenty-two years have passed, yet the wound is still open. Luckily, not all denim has a silver lining: Schiaparelli dress by Maya Hawke, a jumpsuit This maxi is sensational with irregular golden metal buttons (an unmistakable legacy of the brand).

Sofia Racing in Giorgio Armani Privé: Vote 8

less is more: Less exaggerated nudity, less blinding colors, less sequins. Less everything, in short, except the nuanced restraint that someone, like King George, knows how to condense into a close-fitting strapless dress in a balance of contrasts. A very light anthracite gray drape meets a cream colored flap caressing the silhouette. exaggerated, besides, there is already Diamond necklace and the emerald, in the shape of a stylized snake.

Heidi Klum in Zuhair Murad: 7½ votes

Heidi Klum in Zuhair Murad at Cannes 2023Scott Garfitt / InVision / AP – LaPresse

The lady in yellow: At 49 years old, Heidi Klum and her Junosque Teutonic beauty aren’t afraid of structural failures or too-strategic plots. It’s still a beautiful sight, and even though we have a well-founded doubt canary yellow For her there is absolutely no color in the palette, the charisma with which she flaunts itcolor matching in the background. Instead of diamond necklaces, shoulder pads look like they’re embellished with crystals.

Sara Sampayo in Zuhair Murad: 9½ votes

Sara Sampayo at Zuhair Murad in Cannes 2023Action Press – LaPress

On the red carpet of red dresses, Sara Sampaio also dared with color, but opted for one long dress Vitamin Orange signed by Zuhair Murad. The same designer chosen by Heidi Klum, therefore, and always with a play of knitting, but decidedly less “exaggerated”. However, what is really exaggerating is the tall wing trainDue to which the model entertained the photographers. Astonishing.

Scarlett Johansson in Prada: Vote 9

Scarlett Johansson in Prada at Cannes 2023

Joel C. Ryan / InVision / AP – LaPresse

worn silk jewel lingerie, A white bra embroidered with sequins: Scarlett Johansson’s candy pink dress is perfect for her, sensuous but not ordinary, classic but a little crazy. On the Croisette, the florid actress also chose another Prada Total LookA vintage minidress from the 2011 season with horizontal stripes, inspired by the sixties.

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Naomi Campbell in Valentino: Vote 9 and all our envy

Naomi Campbell in Valentino at Cannes 2023

Joel C. Ryan / InVision / AP – LaPresse

Naomi and Lover, Will this settlement ever fall out of tune? Obviously no. It’s 2023, But They Can Still Be the ninetiesso much for super model Time passes differently for us mortals than it does. In Cannes, Naomi Wore Many Looks, But Our Favorite Is Undoubtedly The Signature Pierpaolo Piccioli: A peplos-sculpture In coral chiffon, with a long and impenetrable pink ruffled stole. An Olympian goddess, Venus of course.

Sophia Carson in Elie Saab: Vote 8

Sophia Carson in Elie Saab at Cannes 2023

Joel C. Ryan / InVision / AP – LaPresse

For series: “I put on the first little thing I find in the closet”, also in red Sophia Carson, who brings a truly spectacular creation by the Lebanese designer to the Cannes 2023 red carpet. the plot ofbustier dress is hypnotic: a faceted superimposition of maxi circles, also remembered by the style of damani necklace, All this opulence is balanced by two decidedly more sober elements: the sixties hairstyle and the white gloves, which remind us of Audrey Hepburn Of cinderella in paris,

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