Capcom: Nemesis will Not be able to be in the Safe room in Resident Evil 3 Remake!


Just a couple of weeks, the latest game from Capcom that Resident Evil 3 Remake. Of course, the day of the publication of Capcom approaching as a developer, further, various details about the game on this.

Capcom first announced Resident Evil 3-Remake-rights in the state of the games this year. Not long ago in addition, Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 3 Remake completed 90% and finished according to Plan.

Differs from the Resident Evil series of other, RE3, only have one ending only. This was announced by the producers that Peter Fabiano. He confirmed that Resident Evil 3-remake just a the end of the story.

Nemesis will be in the Safe room?

Capcom Nemesis Will Not Be Able To Be In The Safe Room In Resident Evil 3 Remake
Nemesis | Gamebrott

The plan, Resident Evil will be released 3 Remake, in various platforms, including PC. Well, for version its PC Denuvo use as a system. A little bit of information, Resident Evil 3 is a game in the Jill Valentine says to try to escape Raccoon City.

To lift different version of the original, which was released on the first PlayStation, a remake version, the third-person perspective, such as Resident Evil 2 Remake with a camera behind the back of the character.

Recently a rumor popped up saying that Nemesis, the villains of the series be able to in the safe room in the game.

Nemesis will not be able to be in the Safe room!

Capcom Nemesis Will Not Be Able To Be In The Safe Room In Resident Evil 3 Remake 1
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Of course, this makes the room safe as the name says. However, quoted from the Official Xbox magazine, reporter reported that the Nemesis could save in the room and disturb the player with a typewriter that works as a system. It turns out that the location is by OXM’s not a safe space, but an ordinary room, which happened to be on a typewriter.

Cacpom also make sure that Nemesis will not be able to be in the safe room. Not all places are with the machine, which can be categorized as a safe room. The key lies in the music, when the music room turned typical, then you can not dare to enter certainly safe in it and Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3-Remake scheduled to be released on 3. April 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.