Car champion tunes Harley-Davidson

It is not uncommon for race car drivers to choose to use their first love when it comes to vehicles, thus adopting a four wheeler for their main day to day activities. However, as with most things in life, there is always an exception: the racing car champion has actually decided to use Custom Harley-Davidson among the main vehicles.

The bike in question is the one you see in the photos accompanying this article, a green interpretation of the V-Rod bike that Harley once marketed as Night Wand. Recently assembled in Spain by a local garage called Lord Drake, he has a championship car. Bertrand Gachot.

Indeed, in 1991 a Belgian-French racer won the toughest endurance race in the world. 24 Hours of Le Mans, driving a Mazda 787B. During the same period that he won Le Mans, the man was also one of Jordan’s Formula 1 drivers. His absence from the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, due to legal trouble he faced after a car accident, allowed “certain” Michael Schumacher debut in Formula 1.

Today, Gachot’s name has reappeared on car and motorcycle websites due to his decision to purchase a customized Harley called 260GPa name that combines the width of the rear tire fitted by Lord Drake with the owner’s initials.

In terms of its performance, the bike is supported by an air suspension system that gives it a more exciting setup, while a number of body changes – including the installation of a special spoiler, new fenders and a set of covers – all of which help improve the original lines. they didn’t disappear exquisite touches for example, a handmade license plate holder or a leather saddle with double green stitching.

As always, when it comes to custom Harleys, he’s stuck. the original motor is not damaged base bike, but now equipped with a modified exhaust system for better breathing.

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