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Cardano is taking these steps to ensure exchanges are “Alonzo ready”


It is well known that the long-awaited Alonzo update will see Cardano integrating smart contract capabilities into the network. While there is a way to go before it launches on the mainnet, a recent development has sparked a lot of excitement. According to recent updates shared by IOHK, many exchanges are already preparing for the long-awaited hard fork event.

A recent Twitter thread by IOHK revealed that six exchanges are already actively engaging with the Cardano Foundation for smart contract integration. The company also expects these numbers to continue to grow as the week progresses and the launch of the mainnet approaches. This is because the network wants all exchanges to be ready for Alonzo before the update is rolled out.

The IOHK post also added that since Alonzo Purple’s launch of the network earlier this month, more than 250 participants have joined.

The development team also had good news to share about the smart contract functionalities. Plutus, which is Cardano’s smart contract programming language based on Haskell, also had its mainnet candidate pitched to the node team. According to the update, “they are now working hard to integrate this into their own final Node release candidate.”

Once the candidate has received approval from both the node and the Q&A teams, they will be handed over to the components team for implementation of final updates. The publication added that since everything is going according to plan, the launch of Alonzo’s hard fork on the testnet is “still on track for September 1.”

It has already been announced that September 12 is the scheduled date for the Alonzo Hard Fork Combiner (HFC) event. Once smart contracts are integrated, the network expects hordes of dApps to be created on the network, along with hosting oracles, stablecoins, DEX, and NFT markets on the Plutus platform.

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