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Cardano will pay up to USD $ 10,000 to hackers who find vulnerabilities in its network

By Hannah perez

The Cardano Foundation invited hackers to find network faults through a new program in partnership with the HackerOne platform.


The block chain Cardano is ready to strengthen the security of your network with the help of hackers.

The Cardano Foundation, an organization responsible for supporting the ecosystem, recently announced the launch of ‘Bug bounty‘, a new program that will provide rewards to hackers find weaknesses in the network Cardano.

The launch of the program occurs in Association with HackerOne, a specialized vulnerability management platform that connects companies with hackers to expose cyber flaws. The Cardano Foundation reported in a statement that was shared through its official Twitter channel.

According to the information, the new program will be based on hackers ethical, also known as white hat hackers, and meticulous processes of HackerOne to help ensure that the blockchain Cardano be as reliable and safe as possible.

Up to $ 10,000 for ethical hackers

According to the program page next to HackerOne, the rewards for exposing each vulnerability in Cardano They range from USD $ 300 to USD $ 10,000 depending on the severity of the problem. If a problem is identified in the code base of Cardanohackers will investigate it to see if they constitute a significant vulnerability or potential attack on key network components.

The Hackers can receive up to $ 10,000 for finding critical vulnerabilities in network nodes. Cardano. They can also get a reward of up to $ 7,500 for disclosing major flaws to the team’s wallet. Cardano.

In this way, hackers Ethics are incentivized to identify vulnerabilities and adequately disclose them so they can be fixed before serious damage occurs. Jeremy Firster, Project Manager of the Cardano Foundation, highlighted in this regard that the program is part of the commitment of Cardano with maintaining the highest standards.

This next step in protecting security will help us become the most stress-tested and diligently maintained Blockchain. [Además,] it is a clear sign of the values ​​we place on safety and public protection.

With more than 250,000 genuine vulnerabilities revealed and contacts with hackers around the world, HackerOne works with companies and organizations ranging from US Department of Defense, until Dropbox, Goldman Sachs and Google.

A crucial moment for safety

The announcement about the new program Cardano comes amid a growing wave of hacks targeting decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and industry projects Blockchain.

A few weeks ago, we reported an attack on the protocol Poly Network, which resulted in losses of USD $ 600 million and was listed as the biggest hacker to a DeFi. Luckily, in that particular case, the attacker was willing to collaborate with the platform to return the stolen funds.

According to an investigation by HackerOne, 85% of hackers initiate such attacks to challenge themselves, learn and expand their skills. The percentage is higher than the group motivated by monetary rewards (76%).

The new program Cardano it also comes at a crucial time for the blockchain project, which is a few days from the deployment of the long-awaited smart contracts. IOHK, the technology development company behind the project, plans to implement the update ‘Alonzo‘, which will bring this functionality to the network on September 12.

Over the next few days, we will run final checks and tests in a controlled environment to ensure that we are ready to upgrade the Cardano corenet and usher in a transformative era of smart contract capability.

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Sources: Cardano Foundation, Finbold, file

Hannah Estefanía Pérez’s version / DailyBitcoin

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