Cardi B fan files complaint after rapper threw mic off stage

A fan of Cardi B filed a complaint that the singer threw a microphone into the audience.

Spectator at a Cardi B concert in Las Vegas filed a complaint of alleged beatings after the rapper forcibly threw a microphone into a crowd after someone poured liquid from a glass on her. It was the Las Vegas police who confirmed that the man filed a complaint claiming he was “knocked down by an object thrown off the stage” and although the name of the American singer is not mentioned, there is no doubt that she is the accused. , also given that the place corresponded to the address of the place where the singer performed. In recent days

It’s gone viral in recent days, thanks in part to what Cardi B herself shared. – from a video in which, while singing her hit “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)”, a hand was seen throwing a liquid at her, probably beer, which hit her in the face. However, after a moment of confusion, the singer threw the microphone into the audience with extreme brutality before security intervened. However, immediately after the incident, the police said that no one had been detained. The same thing happened the night before when, during a performance, the singer turned to the DJ who was with her on stage at the end of the song, threw a microphone at him and left in anger.

What happened to Cardi B is part – albeit to a lesser degree – of a series of events that have taken place in recent weeks, with some well-known artists falling victim to objects thrown by the public onto the stage. Not light objects, like puppets, but blunt objects, which in some cases injured the artist himself. It happened to Bebe Rexha who had a cell phone thrown at her., who injured her, or Harry Styles, who was hit in the eye by an object, Lil Nax X, who had a sex toy thrown at him, to Drake, who was shot several times over several days. A series of events that led to Adele warning the public to drop things.

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