Cardi B Makes Controversial Comment About Valentine’s Gifts

Cardi B

The rapper says that if “your boy gives you flowers, you give him grass.”

Cardi B has hit fans with a rather controversial comment on the art of gift-giving for Valentine’s Day and it seems her fanbase doesn’t completely agree.

It all started when the rapper used her Twitter to write: “Yes! Men deserve a Valentine’s Day gift too, but the gift has to be less expensive than the gift for girls. So if he buys you flowers, you buy him weed. “

However, shortly after her tweet went viral, many fans reached out to remind her about the Lamborghini she gave her husband, but Cardi had the best answer in store for that moment.

She made it clear: “Ok, because of my Vday tweet, the men came to my Twitter and told me that you bought a Lambo for your man, but remember… I have a 550K ring on my left hand, a ring of 400k on my right, Thousands of dollars in Birkins, so much jewelry, a Lambo truck, and a Rolls-Royce truck… so even in gifts.

To accompany her grass and flower comparison, Cardi also added, “So if you don’t like flower and grass comparisons, let me give you one that makes men happy. If you buy her thousand dollar Louboutin heels, she should buy you a ps5, ”that’s about $ 550. It’s fair… now, if you think your gift should cost more than your girl’s gift, you’re just a [expletive]. “


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