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The rapper believes that his style does not fit well and the public glorifies his personal life.

Cardi B You can openly talk about the reason why you choose not to include aspects of your surroundings, but often in your music during an unscheduled interview. Hot from Difficult. The Bronx rap star began playing to his audience to stay above what he wanted, even when others thought he should be included in his music.

“A lot of people told me that I should give my heart, my music, my music,” come on. Cardi B. “Muitas das mihas dores o lutas, o seja la o que esá contecendo, como pesoas pudem no se capazez de se relacionar. It’s like, oh my God, he blew me up on Twitter because he said “isso, isso and eagle.”

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He continued: “The average person is like, ‘Garata! Get down! I’m trying to work 7 days ago.” I need to do isso, isso and eagle. I’ll start by saying that I don’t really like making music – I usually do an intro, like, I really like to introduce everything – getting into the best stuff, being on stage, doing whatever shit I want to do for, and then the whole album will be to others.”

“And I like variety. I like variety. As soon as I introduced myself, I must have said, “Only with me, only with me,” and then I said, “Okay, let’s have some fun.” Stop me, and then have fun!”

In the same interview, Cardi also noted the difficulty of recording a verse on her new single “Bongos.” “It’s annoying! So annoying!”, come ela. “Because it’s practically two weeks at a time. And I was able to say that because, you know, the new music (“Bongos”), and I say: “Nigga, how is she comes together like a song.” Once you understand this, you will make a transparent flow and say: “Baby como como uma meixa!”

He continued, “And (gravadora was like), ‘No, your voice can’t be on pop radio.’ And you’re like, “Childhood coma esses pêssegos e ameixas.” And it was so good! (He) was like, “I can’t say that.” This seems so bad. I’m like Kidz Bop, no matter what I hear from you. But I didn’t hear that, I heard: “Baby, like these children and friends!”

Or the single “Bongos”, featuring Megan You’re a Stallion, go to 14th place in the parade Hot 100, and most importantly for 31st place in the second week. No, meanwhile, you can have more thanks to double, that’s all. Meg I recently suggested the possibility of an EP and a new release. Cardi B. “I truly believe that this is the path we are going,” he said recently. Difficult when asked about the possibility of doing a joint project. “Actually, I played two pieces of music for him. And now I’m in a space where you know exactly what kind of music you want to make for me. We’re actually writing a little EP right now.”

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