Cardi B still loves Offset after six years of marriage

Six years of marriage

Cardi B expresses her touching love for Offset

Rappeuzka published a wonderful message to her husband on the occasion of his sixtieth wedding anniversary.


Cardi B, who is set to deny cheating allegations in March 2023, is deeply in love with Offset. I have thought many times about posting on Instagram on September 21, 2023 for my sixtieth wedding anniversary. In the legend of the video, showing an incredible floral decoration consisting of hundreds of roses of different colors, the rapper does not abandon the micro to make a tour of the world n’a pas tari d’éloges sur celui, which left him in the past. or dogt.

“Merci pour les fleurs, la Strength, la Protection et pour être un Excelent père pour nos enfants (ed. note: Kulture, 4 years, et Wave, 2 years). I really appreciate what you chose. I like to be with an older man who protects us, who helps us grow our whole couple, who accepts my suggestions, my attitude, but trusts me and my failures. But I prefer that you are always in my heart and that you are attentive to my passion here, my favorite colors, my favorite brands and my favorite foods. I want you to pay attention to the details I saw, the machine I saw chose the small font I wanted and I’m going crazy. Joyeux Annual à nous”, at-elle écrit à l’attention d’Offset.

The 31-year-old musician, a member of the hip-hop group Migos, did not appear in the dance in November 2022, replied in the comments: “I want you to do all this.”

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