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Cardi B can breathe a sigh of relief: The rapper who hit a fan with a microphone last week during a concert in Las Vegas incident will not be reported. And if public opinion is divided between those who condemn the violent act of the singer and those who partially justify it, the story runs the risk of being remembered (fortunately) for other reasons as well: an object thrown into the crowd by Belcalis Marlenis Almansar (it’s all ‘register the name of hip- hop divas) it was actually auctioned off on eBay a record amount for a good cause.

No fee for Cardi B

An impulsive act that risked indelibly tarnishing Cardi B’s career (and criminal record), as well as other artists and entertainers. Last Sunday, during a concert at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, the American rapper was knocked down on stage by a drink thrown at her by a fan, a gesture likely joking to the tune “Bodak Yellow”, to which the singer responded rather irritably in her turn tossing the microphone with which she performed into the crowd.

The video of the incident, jumping from social network to social network around the world, caused a real stir in the media: if, on the one hand, fans of the hip-hop star l‘they put up a defenseon the other hand, public opinion condemned the action, which, although it was dictated by a spontaneous reaction, could have rather serious consequences.

However, aside from image damage, Cardi B, already at the center of contention with Lapo Elkhann, should have no other issues. rapper it will not be reported for a bad deed, his lawyers Drew Findling, David Chesnoff and Richard Schoenfeld told the magazine. TMZ: “This afternoon, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department informed us that as a result of the investigation there will be no charges against Cardithe lawyers explained, adding a letter of thanks: “On behalf of Cardi, we appreciate the conscientious and prompt resolution of the issue by the authorities.”

Microphone up for auction

Moreover: a rather controversial story can lead to positive consequences. The microphone that Cardi B threw into the crowd during the concert was really sold on eBayand achieved record $100,000. Proceeds from the purchase will fund projects for two not-for-profit associations: Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which helps children, teens and young people with special needs, and the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports severely survived war veterans. suffered in conflicts.

The audio production company responsible for the show, Sin City’s The Wave, has this item up for sale. The owner of the company explained that the microphone was picked up shortly after launch by one of his employees: “It was pretty easy to trace it because it says ‘MAIN’ on the white tape at the bottom and the microphone is still working despite Cardi. I threw it into the crowd.” In a word, a happy buyer will be able not only to boast of having a work at home that has rightfully entered the history of pop music, but also, if desired, use it for karaoke with friends. This time without a launch, I hope.

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