Cardi B throws a mic at a fan who threw a drink at her

Last month an artist from Las Vegas Adele she threatened to kill anyone who threw anything at her during the performance. But when a concert goer in the same city this weekend threw something at actress and rapper Cardi B on stage, her reaction was really strong. Cardi B threw a microphone at an offended fan, a response that, oddly enough, didn’t even make her voice waver.

The show took place at Drai’s Beachclub, on top of the Cromwell Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip (older people remember it as the Barbary Coast Hotel). Tickets for the show cost $200 for men and $150 for women, no doubt the club’s attempt to offset the widely troubling gender pay gap, according to local broadcaster News 3.

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But whatever the price of admission, it wasn’t enough to dampen the good mood of one fan who, during Cardi’s performance on her major-label debut album Bodak Yellow (Money Moves), “lifted a decorated white cup and poured liquid into the direction of a thirty-year-old rapper” as New York Post.

Needless to say, the event was captured on video from multiple angles, both of which corroborate what happened next: After a moment of shock where she was hit by drops of a drink, Cardi threw the mic by hand, apparently at whoever threw it. drink.

It looks like Cardi also yelled something at her target, but it’s not clear what. Although the microphone was no longer in hand, the song, including the vocal track, continued to play loudly, obscuring anything the alleged drunkard might have said. Cardi B posted the video on her X account but did not explain that she was screaming from the stage.

Video taken from a different angle shows security jumping into the crowd after the incident and apparently leading the concertgoer out of the crowd.

Saturday’s incident marks a major escalation in conflict between artists and fans who say they love them. In addition to Adele’s pre-emptive death threat in July, during which she said, “I dare to throw anything at me and I’ll fucking kill you,” the Atlanta rapper two weeks ago Act he made a similar threat during a speech in Germany.

A week earlier country artist Morgan Wallen is hit in the chest by a boot thrown by a fan – he threw the boot as far as possible from concert audience, in a likely attempt to send a fan home barefoot. Saturday’s brawl may be the biggest example of an artist shooting back at a fan, but it’s unlikely to be the last.

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