Cardona pediatrician urges children to get flu shot to stop getting sick

The approach of autumn also announces the start of the influenza vaccination campaign, which this year will again be conducted in age order and can be combined with the coronavirus campaign in recommended groups (in which case they will be called by text message) and will go where appropriate health center, hospital or authorized large venue).from Pediatric Services at Ribera Juan Cardona Hospital They are calling for children to be vaccinated against the flu to stop the pandemic. As well as being beneficial to them, this means less transmission to other family members or frequent contacts.

Flu vaccination scheduled 6 to 59 months old (five years old) It will start on October 16 in health centres, at the same time as health and pharmacy professionals, people over 80 years old, immunocompromised or nursing home users and staff.

Director of Pediatrics, Juan Cardona Hospital, Ribera, Jose Ramon Garcia Lopez, highlighted the benefits of vaccinating those aged six months to five years. It has the dual advantage of “protecting the vaccinated child from viral infection while protecting other people he or she lives with, including family members, playmates and classmates, from possible contagion,” he said.

Pediatrician clarifies Most children have no side effects (The incidence of local reactions ranges from 5% to 20%), and when they occur, “they are usually mild: pain during vaccination, low-grade fever, or mild general malaise.” Use a commonly used fever-reducing drug (ibuprofen or Treatment with paracetamol) is usually sufficient.

“We have a responsibility to help prevent disease Vaccination against infectious diseases is one of the greatest achievements of health systems, so all our efforts and motivation must be aimed at promoting these attitudes,” said García López.

Pediatrician recommendation basic hygiene measures Help reduce the spread of respiratory viruses by washing your hands frequently (especially after wiping your nose), covering your mouth with your forearm when coughing or sneezing, throwing away disposable tissues after use, and avoiding contact with sick or healthy people if available A sick person is also a person who can spread disease.

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