Carla Bruni reveals her secret to keep a “desiring and carnal drive” with Nicolas Sarkozy


This January 4, in an interview with Courrier Picard, Carla Bruni confided in her intimate life with the former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.

” I stand by my man,” she wrote on December 10 on Instagram, reposting a photo of her with her man, Nicolas Sarkozy, at the end of the wiretapping trial at the Paris Criminal Court. While the former President of the Republic is still awaiting an important court decision, Carla Bruni confides in their love story, in the columns of Courrier Picard. 

Put “back in place the desiring and carnal drive”

Just in time for Christmas, she released the title “Un grand amour”. And to our colleagues, she admits that with her husband (since 2008), the story she is living, she “never dreamed of it”. She says: “It was all the more a marvelous surprise. Lacan says a marvelous sentence about love: ‘Love is by chance’. We have a preconceived idea of ​​the trick and no, it falls to you. on it by chance with people we hadn’t planned, in a way we hadn’t planned.

After 13 years with Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni can say it: “the only signal that it is indeed a love is that it makes us happy”. However, she comments: “But this is not necessarily what is needed. This is also what is pleasant. It is contrary to the conservative, reassuring things that can be said about love. Me, I do not see why love should be reassuring “.

Because in order to love, Carla Bruni admits, she needs a certain dose of uneasiness … She, who has known other men, as her husband has also known other women before her, believes ” that there is a possibility of a start in keeping danger and the possibility of failure close to you. ” She explains as follows: “that’s it, I find, which puts the desire and carnal drive back in place. To say to yourself that you can lose someone all the time”.

To avoid “changing your mind, falling in love with someone else and leaving”

And if today, she is raising their 9-year-old daughter Giulia with Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni is well aware that her husband could one day “change his mind, fall in love with someone else and leave go”. This is why, she always keeps “this kind of alert”, and ensures that “it has a rather remarkable effect” on her.