Carla Bruni: The mistake she just made in the car with her daughter Giulia!


The singer accidentally let appear the face of her daughter Giulia on Instagram.

On December 25, remember, Carla Bruni unveiled her video for Un grand amour , a new extract from her album entitled Carla Bruni . In the black and white video, directed by Yann Orhan, we see relatives of the singer, who dance: her sister, the actress and director Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, her niece, Oumy, her mother Marisa Borini, her eldest son Aurélien Enthoven, but also little Giulia, whom she had with Nicolas Sarkozy. The nine-year-old girl’s face is obscured by a black lace wolf.

Her fans were able to see her again in a video posted by her mom. Indeed, the former model wanted to present on her Instagram account the “new member of her family” , namely a little cat. “Welcome to the little Dream,” wrote the former First Lady in the caption of a photo and a short video of her in the car, with her daughter in the back seat, which we could see furtively. Hopefully this new pet will get along with her dog named Nastasya, whom she adopted in 2017 after the death of her chihuahua named Tommy.

Note that Carla Bruni will be on stage throughout France, from May 2021, until December. Finally, only if the health situation allows it.