Carla Bruni: These “predators” that she avoided when she was a model …


Guest of the magazine “50 ‘Inside”, Carla Bruni Sarkozy returned to her career as an international model and the “predators” she had to avoid …

Carla Bruni was the guest of Nikos Aliagas on Saturday, January 23 in ” 50 Minutes Inside”. As every week, the host received a personality for the “Portrait in five dates”. The opportunity for the artist to look back on her brilliant modeling career in the 90s.

Some may have forgotten it but Carla Bruni distinguished herself by posing in the biggest fashion magazines from her 19 to 30 years old.  A period as exciting as it was dangerous during which she could see the pitfalls of evolving in this kind of environment“Certainly when I started modeling in the 90s  I felt the structure that I had benefited from.  All of a sudden when I found myself traveling every day, being in incredible parties,  to see people slowly losing their footing “ remembered the one who released her fifth album a few weeks ago, soberly called” Carla Bruni “.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife was clearly delighted to have been able to count on the stable support of her family and her education. ” I realized that at that age, my family had given me a kind of self-esteem. I have always avoided predators. Harvey Weinstein did not take me up to his room at 18 ” She said before adding: ” When you have a strong family, somewhere you have more sense of danger, you fall less into the traps, so that helped me a lot. It’s a shield and it’s a chance ”  she concluded.