Carla Bruni: this period lace dress, (very) imposing … surprise guaranteed!


Always very discreet in her way of being and her Instagram publications, Carla Bruni has, this January 18, surprised her subscribers with a cliché to say the least … very surprising.

Carla Bruni is making her comeback alongside the Enfoires. After fourteen years of absence, the singer has decided to return to the stage for a good cause. Accompanied by Mimie Mathy, the faithful of the group, or even Ines Reg, Ary Abittan, Nolwenn Leroy, and Vianney, among all the other artists present for several years or recently.

To announce the news, Carla Bruni wanted to share two photos of the recording of the concert with her subscribers. On the first of them, we discover Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife in the center of the shot, wearing a long, pink dress, adorned with black lace, accompanied by a black wide-brimmed hat, capeline style and boots lace-ups typical of the Victorian era. A chic dress from the old days, which does not go unnoticed. Surrounded by Kev Adams and Ary Abittan, also dressed in period costumes and top hats, on the premiere, and Inès Reg wearing a yellow dress, the former model immediately attracted the ‘attention from Internet users, who did not hesitate to comment on the two pictures, ”  This era fits you like a glove”, “what elegance” and many other compliments.

A cliche that the Italian singer accompanied by a significant legend, “ Longue vie aux Enfoirés! Bravo to the whole team for the recording of the program (CD / DVD) in a good mood and in strict compliance with sanitary measures ” , while recalling that each disc sold makes it possible to distribute 17 meals to the beneficiaries of the Restos du heart.

 If Carla Bruni has decided to join the troupe in this difficult period, and after many years of absence, Hélène Ségara, she has decided to leave the Enfoirés since 2015. But the singer has a good reason, and after multiple criticisms, she decided to speak on this subject on January 15, explaining that she was a mother of two children and that for 17 years she had organized herself in order to keep her children during the ten days of rehearsals and shows. . The singer then explains that ” I was a very good friend, I accepted a lot of things, I never made any whims, I adapted to the costumes that others wanted to leave, to the songs that others do not. did not want, for the benefit of more demanding people “.