Carla Flila cries as she shows off pimples on her chin

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like many others influential person Carla Flila posted a washed face video in which she shows acne problem What you are having.Four months ago, he noticed the presence of some people Acne on chin The epidemic continued to grow until a decision was made to receive special treatment.Acne is a very common condition among young people because hormonal changes Typical age (and unavoidable), especially for women.

A brave gesture considering the physical demands of social networking influencer Expressing how terrible he felt about his acne: “I think very complicated It seems silly to cry about this, but I ‘This has a huge impact on self-esteem’ She said through tears, even though she was sure she had put herself in the hands of a dermatologist who would help her treat the “hormonal acne” she had been diagnosed with.

The same thing happened to Marta Diaz and Sofia Surfer

Cara is neither the first nor the last content creator to bring this skin issue to the public. a few days ago, Marta DiazPosted a before and after comparison of his skin after Stop Mandatory use of anti-acne products. When he refused to continue obsessing over his pimples, his skin began to improve dramatically, although they hardly affect the self-concept of those who suffer from pimples.

sophia surferLola Lolita’s sister also suffered from acne, but over time her skin has completely recovered.all influential person To anyone who’s been through this, please be assured that even though it sucks, it’s worth it passenger and remember it’s better this way Don’t pursue perfect skin, Because it doesn’t exist.” Now, Kara (Patience) starts taking the medication prescribed for her and hopes that in a few months, the epidemic will go away.

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