Carlos Alcaraz, unbelievable but true: the number one favorite sport in the world is not tennis

Tennis star Carlos Alcaraz is a young man full of surprises: here’s everything you don’t know about him.

For many of us Carlos Alcaraz Garfia needs no introduction.. A young Spanish prodigy who just turned 20 the youngest female No. 1 tennis player in the world in the history of the ATP rankings. In total, he has twelve titles won in major tournaments, including two Grand Slams and four Masters 1000. But his life is not only rackets.

Favorite sport of Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz became the youngest number 1 in men’s tennis history at just 19 years, 4 months and 7 days old. (Ansaphoto –

What is the world tennis star interested in? What is its motto? What about your favorite movie? And one more thing: never did not dare to devote himself to the sport that made him (very) rich and famous? Here are all the answers: surprises abound!

Carlos Alcaraz on and off the pitch

Having won the first Grand Slam of his career at the 2022 US Open, Carlos Alcaraz became the youngest world number one in the history of men’s tennis., only 19 years, 4 months and 7 days. Chances are, by now, any tennis fan will know life, death, and miracles.”Carlitos“, who surprised the world with his explosive season. NoseThere are other details that are less known to sports news and deserve attention.. Here they are one by one.

Carlos Alcaraz, all about him
both grandfather and father of Carlos Alcaraz were (and now more than ever) ardent tennis fans. (Ansaphoto –
  1. His grandfather’s motto
    Tennis is nothing new to the Alcaraz family, as both grandfather and father of Carlos were (and I am now more than ever) ardent sports fans. His father, in fact, was a famous tennis player at the top of the charts in Spain. However, it was his grandfather who prompted the mantra that he repeats on and off the field to the current first racket of the world. “Head, heart and eggsAlcaraz’s motivational phrase.This is the phrase I advised him without thinking too much about it. This is what he had to do, and he took it literally. I really didn’t think those three words would become a ritual“, admitted the 86-year-old tennis player’s grandfather in an interview. Murcia Plaza.
  2. Favorite sport of Carlos Alcaraz
    Golf is one of Carlos Alcaraz’s pastimes, a distraction from his usual sport, but it is also a hobby he shares with his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero. However, tennis and golf are not his only hobbies: the young Spaniard is an avowed fan of football and, above all, Real Madrid.… like his idol, Rafael Nadal. It is no coincidence that Carlos has been seen at the Santiago Bernabéu several times, such as when Real Madrid won their 35th Scudetto last season, and even watched the Champions League final in Paris last year live.

    Other hobbies of Carlos Alcaraz

  3. Favorite Actor and Movie
    Alcaraz answers without hesitation when asked about his favorite movie, Rocky Balboa, with Sylvester Stallone. However her favorite actor and another: Will Smith. The latter is also known to have made films related to sports such as wings, 2001, in which he plays the boxer Muhammad Ali, or The Winning Family – King Richardin which he played the father of sisters Serena and Venus Williams, Richard Williams.

    Carlos Alcaraz curiosity
    Carlos Alcaras captivated the audience with his incredible racket skills, as well as his charisma and attention to the fans. (Ansaphoto –

  4. The king of social media memes
    Carlos Alcaras captivated the audience with his incredible racket skills, as well as his charisma and attention to the fans. He usually spends a lot of time signing autographs after matches, but is also active on social media. In particular, on his Twitter account, he has attracted attention for some of his interventions by revealing himself. sort of a meme master (he even makes some of himself!).
  5. Tennis player or chess player?
    It’s been my dream since childhood“, he admitted Carlos Alcaraz after becoming world number 1 and winning his first Grand Slam at the 2022 US Open. Although he has been playing tennis since the age of four, Ouch is also good at chess. In fact, he even considered devoting himself to it professionally. Although he later chose his racket (and apparently very well!) Carlos continues to play chess regularly, and usually does so even before games. “It helps me think faster, watch the game, see the move you want to make, the strategy… Stay focused all the time. In chess, as in tennis, if you get lost for a moment, you lose the game. In this respect, they are two very similar disciplines.“, – admitted the champion in an interview Brand.

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