Carlos jair bolsonaro share a video of the Congressman that he says Witzel, in conversation, against jair bolsonaro


Councilman Carlos jair bolsonaro (PSC-RJ), has released a video of Congressman Otoni de Paula Junior (PSC-RJ), and accused the Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel (PSC), the use of Civilian police, in order to forge a dialogue between the militias, in the family of jair bolsonaro, in the case of the murder of the member of the Council and Marielle Franco (PSOL-RJ).

In the video, the member of Parliament, said that this information was passed on to him by “a source very, very seriously”. “The government is in the Wilson Witzel, the machinery of the state to forge a proof that the family of the President in the case of Marielle,” says the member of the Parliament in the passage of the recording.

“They are about the discussions of the militia, to the family of the President. Only that you don’t actually have that conversation, no. The discussion is completed,” he added.

Yesterday, the President, Jair, jair bolsonaro (non-party), and, without being asked, he went back to handle the investigation of the murder of Marielle.”In the case of Marielle, the come for free. Framework, you know who,” he said.

In November, jair bolsonaro accused Witzel of the handling of the investigation of the case, Marielle. On the same day, the Governor said that he intends to sue the President for the region.

“These costs have to talk with light. He is accused of, the Governor of the state of the operation. The police of Rio de Janeiro, is an independent,” said Witzel. The YOUTUBE he sought the advice of the Governor and is waiting for feedback.