Carlos Rivera will debut collaboration with Miguel Bosé: “One of my great idols”

Carlos Rivera will premiere cover of Miguel Bosé (Photo: Special)
Carlos Rivera will premiere cover of Miguel Bosé (Photo: Special)

Carlos Rivera placeholder image revealed that his collaboration with Miguel Bosé is very close to being released. The song Nothing particular will gather the talent of singers duet for the first time. The single will premiere throughout November 25.

In an Instagram post, Carlos Rivera shared the cover of his next single, where he is seen with Spanish Miguel Bosé. Both the photograph and the video to be released were captured in the vicinity of the National Auditorium, in Mexico City.

“It fills me with joy to announce my collaboration with one of my great idols, Miguel Bosé, singing his hymn of freedom Nothing particular ”, wrote the native singer Tlaxcala.

Cover of the single "Nothing particular" (Photo: Instagram / @ _ carlosrivera)
Cover of the single “Nada particular” (Photo: Instagram / @ _ carlosrivera)

Notably Nothing particular It is not a composition by Carlos Rivera, but rather was written in 1993 for Miguel Bosé. The original song came off the album Under the sign of cain, Spanish singer’s success.

As written by Rivera in his profile on the social network Instagram, Nothing personal will be part of a luxury version of his album released this year, Legends. This last musical model of the Tlaxcala singer is made up of a series of covers to iconic songs of pop and ballads in Spanish.

The singer from Tlaxcala has also done musical theater (Photo: Instagram / @ _ carlosrivera)
The singer from Tlaxcala has also done musical theater (Photo: Instagram / @ _ carlosrivera)

Titles like A sailboat called freedom, Eternal love, what are you doing? and I do not know what happened make up the Carlos Rivera tribute album. Transcended the disk Legends, since Cynthia Rodríguez’s current boyfriend managed to summon the original interpreters of the songs.

Legends, work premiered in May of the present, had the participation of singers such as José Luis Perales, Raphael, Gloria Estefan, Franco de Vita, who joined a duet with Carlos Rivera to perform their greatest hits.

They also highlighted the recordings together with deceased musicians such as José José, Juan Gabriel and Rocío Dúrcal. In these, the singer from Tlaxcala used a track with their voices and it was added in several verses.

Miguel Bosé and María José in "Mexico's voice" (Photo: Instagram / @ miguelbose)
Miguel Bosé and María José in “La Voz: México” (Photo: Instagram / @ miguelbose)

The Instagram post that announced the collaboration of the pop singers was filled with positive comments from celebrities in the middle. Cynthia Rodriguez, current sentimental partner of Carlos Rivera, wrote: “What a thrill!”.

Other personalities like Daniela romo applauded the new addition to the album Legends. The ex-driver of Hoy, Mauricio Mancera stressed that it was his favorite song in Miguel Bosé’s discography. Linet Puente also appeared: “That, my friend!”

For his part, Miguel Bosé also shared the same promotional image for the song. “That this version of Nothing particular fly to all hearts. Thank you, Carlos Rivera ”, wrote the interpreter of Bandit love and Chick.

Carlos Rivera was a presenter in the most recent Latin Grammy awards (Photo: Reuters / Steve Marcus)
Carlos Rivera was a presenter in the most recent Latin Grammy awards (Photo: Reuters / Steve Marcus)

Both accounts revealed a brief preview of the video of Nothing particular. However, due to the brevity of the audiovisual, little can be concluded about what is new in Carlos Rivera’s career.

The last record material released by Miguel Bosé occurred more than five years ago. Its acoustic special MTV Unplugged arrived in 2016 to reinterpret his greatest hits in unique versions. From his vast repertoire, Bosé chose pieces such as My brunette, I will love you, If you don’t come back, Nothing particular, between more.

Bosé wrote his autobiographical book "Captain Thunder's son" (Photo: EFE / Chema Moya)
Bosé wrote his autobiographical book “The son of Captain Trueno” (Photo: EFE / Chema Moya)

For the acoustic set, the Spanish singer signed musicians such as Marco Antonio Solis, “El Buki”, Juanes, Fonseca, Natalia Lafourcade and the former members of Timbiriche Benny Ibarra and Sasha Sokol.

After MTV Unplugged, Bosé has kept a low profile in his career as a musician. However, he stood out at the beginning of the year as one of the coaches from Mexico’s voice together with Jesús Navarro, de Reik, María José and Edith Márquez. Despite his long career, Miguel Bosé could not become champion of the reality. Otherwise that of Edith Márquez, who along with Sherlyn Sánchez won the award.


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