Carmen Salinas made a joke about the coronavirus and we were over at Instagram


After the scandal with the Embassy of China, actress Carmen Salinas turned out to be criticized, now by a the joke about the coronavirus.

A few days ago also producer and singer shared in his account of Instagram a picture with the text:

The World Health Organization recommended to the over 60 years that, in order to avoid risks, begin to be removed the age”.

Salinas so made reference to the fact that people of that age are more vulnerable to coronavirus.

However, not everyone in the network took it with humor, his message and began to lloverle critical.

“Ridiculous,” “We are removing oxygen”, “what kind of person is you”, “do not bring anything positive for his age,” read some of the comments it received.

The most aggressive of the messages said: “As váyanos doing the honor grandmother. We are overpopulated, take heart. Already did what you wanted in your life, do it now what else is left? Really think about it and see for earth and humanity”.

Apparently, the person who wrote this text understood the joke of Carmen as if she was inviting older people to take his life and not the age, to fight the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Among the dozens of comments it received were also the people that supported them and celebrated their joke, as it considered that to the times we are living it’s good to have a sense of humor.

In fact, the actress had already done a post with another joke and said that “a little bit of good humor doesn’t come anything wrong.”

Carmen paid no heed to the commotion that caused her joke and continued quite active on the social network, where he has shared several images of her career in the entertainment world.

From a special program next to Verónica Castro to photos of some soap operas in which she participated are part of the recent memories that you have posted on Instagram.

The name of the mexican actress sounded quite a lot in the media and social networks some days ago, when it was learned that the Chinese Embassy in Mexico demanded an apology public comments made regarding the epidemic of coronavirus.

“It’s a disease so horrible, is what is happening to the chinese children were eating the puppies and to the kittens. Hey, don’t play for that gave them that disease. Don’t punish God, our lord: the life punished them by walking tragones, swallowing that,” said the actress in an encounter with the media.

His words came to the embassy, where they issued a statement to decry what was said by the actress.

“It has not been able to identify the source of the new coronavirus up to the moment. The address end of Ms. Carmen Salinas reveals lack of basic knowledge and ignorance. The racist term ‘chinito’ which appeared in the 19th century it was abandoned by the story and has been mentioned again in the 21st century in the framework of an open society, pluralistic and globalized. This is a blatant provocation to the chinese people and the chinese residents in the overseas and, in addition, it reflects a lack of values towards humanity. To be a public personality, the words unfounded of Ms. Carmen Salinas, confuse the public, defame China and are destroying the friendship between the peoples chinese and mexican, ” read the document.

Shortly after, Carmen Salinas posted on his Twitter account a message in which he offered his apologies.

“By this means allow me to offer my most sincere apologies for the damage and distress that my comments may have caused. I understand that in these times the world is facing a threat so large, anything helps words that will certainly offend and point out for no reason”, he explained.

“I can assure you that I never had the intention to hurt and that my repentance is sincere, so that I undertake in addition not to repeat this situation,” he added.

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