Carmen Villalobos reveals treatment that helped her lose weight

this summer, Carmen Villalobos He opened up about his weight changes and had an important message for fans about self-love.

“My beautiful people, you have to be happy, not perfect,” the host shared on her network.

Now, the Colombian is sharing how she returned to normal life and revealed one of her beauty secrets on how she achieved her enviable figure.

“I’m going to be in Bogota for three weeks and I have to make the most of this time to train and be wise, I’m coming to Venus,” he explained at the office of Dr. Carolina Martínez Torrado.

Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty Images

What is Venus Therapy? Beauty offices around the world have the Venus machine, which uses radio frequency to heat and remove fat cells under the skin.

It also stimulates collagen production, which helps fight sagging and cellulite.

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For Carmen, her goal is to lose fat in areas that are hard to lose with exercise.

“Especially the partial obesity, which I’ve positioned pretty well after the holidays and swallowing,” he joked during the treatment.

IG/Carmen Villalobos

During the first session, Carmen explained, she focused on her back and legs.

Six to ten Venus sessions per week are recommended.

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