CARNAVALIZA: the NGO is raising awareness of the issue of violence against women, and new laws and culture


The Association of ‘the daughters of the Dolphin Never came in the world of ideas, in the year 2011, as its founder, Anne Cleyanne a lecture, which was attended, that it is thought a girl is in the bed of the Amazon, the engravidava of their parents and grandparents, and it was a button.

In the year 2016, when it was reported that 1/3 of Brazilians believe victims are to blame for being raped. Met with a group of women to try and raise awareness of the problem is much wider, and it was born from the Collective child of the button, Never with the objective information for the population, and also as a point-of-care in women who do not know where to help, or was afraid to tell you, and discredited to be.

In the course of these 3 years, this group took place, participated in the discussion of public policy in relation to women, children and young people, and has done guest lectures, forums, workshops, work in partnership with the state’s attorney, the Ombudsman, and the car, “Maria da Penha”, greeted the women and asked him for access to his or her rights at the start of 2019 at the latest by the scope of the work, and the search has begun, the form of the Association of women with the same name.

And on the 23rd day of the month of February, starts the programming of the movement Carnavaliza with a presentation of the NGO ‘child of the Button is Never over’ – to raise awareness with the home/Lee/Paula (16 to 19), and the Dmv/roll – off-education-program (18).

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22. on the 29th February happens to the movement of the Carnavaliza 2020 in the Old port, a Shopping mall, the movement that has come to infect the whole city with joy and compassion. It is the promotion of actions of the digital and face-to-face at the market.

Work on the four pillars of human life, which are: citizenship, empathy, development, and happiness.