Carole Bouquet: the shocking remark of her son Louis on incest


Carole Bouquet was this Sunday, January 17, 2021, a guest on the set of the show “8:30 pm Le Dimanche”. Faced with Laurent Delahousse, the actress returned to the Duhamel affair and the tragic revelations of Camille Kouchner about her stepfather and referred to a discussion with her son Louis Giacobetti.

In her book “La Familia grande”, lawyer Camille Kouchner signs terrible accusations against her stepfather, Olivier Duhamel. The daughter of former minister Bernard Kouchner reveals that her twin brother was abused by their stepfather in the 80s when he was only 13 years old. A shocking book in which she rebels against the omerta that hangs over incest and the ordeal experienced by her brother … who saw their mother prefer to defend her husband.

Invited on the set of the show “8:30 pm Sunday” on January 17, 2021, Carole Bouquet returned to this affair which is shaking the political class.  “I suffered for her, I suffered for her brother, for these years of silence which were obligatory”, she explained about Camille Kouchner. “You shouldn’t believe that the whole family knew contrary to what is said at the moment or that all friends knew.  You don’t think that when you rape your stepson, you talk about it at the table with your friends? No !” she added, deploring the fact that several members of Camille Kouchner’s family were aware …

Louis Giacobetti cropped by his mother
Shocked by the omerta and the prejudices that hover over incest, the 63-year-old actress wanted to send a strong message: incest can occur  “in all circles, whatever the social background “. “It’s so violent, it’s so hard to believe it scares. It scares the judges, it scares social workers, it scares everyone. Because: ‘What the hell do we have as a tool to protect them? ” she declared.

The actress then explained that one of her sons, Louis Giacobetti may have mistakenly thought that this only happened in certain circles: “Even at my house the other day, one of my sons said to me: ‘Yes, but that only happens in …’, I said to him: ‘But, Louis, how can you answer that? You have been living it since you were born. It happens in all circles. All circles. Whatever the social background. ‘”