Carolina Sandoval Celebrates 20 Years of Being a Mother

Carolina Sandoval celebrated the 20th anniversary of being the mother of her daughter, Bárbara Camila. The Venezuelan host was on vacation with her family in the Dominican Republic to celebrate her eldest daughter’s birthday.

Ladies and gentlemen, celebrate 20 years of motherhood. Thank you for the congratulations on my daughter. I don’t know how to express my happiness. I won’t be the only one or the last, but this is me and I’m celebrating my 20th birthday,” Sandoval said in a video on her Instagram account, thanking the opportunity to share every moment with her family and daughter. Cheer for her all the time.

“I feel super great, it’s a super lovely, special birthday in another beautiful country… so happy to be here. Thank you so much for the congratulations”, commented Barbara in the publication, her father , grandmother, sister and boyfriend also appear in the publication.

The young woman also shared some of the moments she and her family experienced on this very special date.

The Creole daughter followed in her parents’ footsteps. In addition to his studies, he successfully built his own business and sought to prove that there is no limit to sowing and reaping success.

“What a blessing. These days are so wonderful. The great thing about my family is that everyone has their own personality. I’m like the group leader who runs all the meetings and I like that because everyone in our family Respect and tolerate each other’s individuality, that’s what you have to do,” Carolina said.

“Powerful and wonderful”

As expected, Carolina Sandoval shared many moments from her family vacation. “Because a ‘strong and wonderful’ woman always held her head high and had a smile on her face, proud of her good years, and here I am grateful, proud and blessed for every moment of my life.” she commented in another post.

Basking in the sun and showing off her figure to her heart’s content, the cheerleader took the opportunity to show off her different outfits. “Aha, for people who stopped sleeping because they saw my cellulite, I won’t say anything, but there will be signs,” she said while dancing.

Likewise, he also took the opportunity to reveal that he once went out with a man who told him he would never have a girlfriend with cellulite. “That’s fine because the facts are true…yes, my ex was absolutely right. I married @nichernandezve in Colorado,” he noted.

He added: “Girls, never let a man judge you by your body, you’re not just curves, brains and heart are more important than cellulite.”

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