Carolina Sandoval exposes her husband in bed and they tell him: “Ridiculous, disrespectful …”

The fans are upset and say: “Your husband looks like your puppet, I think that as a wife you have already crossed the line”

It seems that this time Carolina Sandoval crossed all limits. The Venezuelan shared a video for “El Trasnocho con Caro” where she exposed her husband in bed and the criticism goes from bad to worse.

One of the first messages to be read before the video reads as follows: “ Ridiculous that lack of respect for the husband. What does not have the right to sleep peacefully even if she snores like a lion?

The question with which she started the late-night theme says it all: “How do you prefer your husband tire to fuck p # two or snore like a lion.” For this reason, she exhibited her partner before the critical gaze of the public, but it seems that this did not cause much grace to her followers.

Between laughs and jokes, some told him: “Leave him alone” or “How bad you are.” But other followers appreciated the space to express some of the “problems” that they also face when their husbands snore like a lion.

However, there are those who do not understand what is the need for Carolina Sandoval to expose her husband to public ridicule: “Why make him look ridiculous … Poor Nick .” Others even ask you to protect your partner’s self-esteem: “She must be uncomfortable. You have to respect their privacy. Do not undermine her self-esteem and show him respect ”.

Some believe that the faces Nick ago when exposed in this way, it shows that she seems to be very comfortable with these facts: ” I do not take it that bad but sometimes your husband makes some faces where shows that she is not comfortable in the way you hold him down more than your husband seems like your puppet, I think that as a wife you already crossed the line maybe you don’t but you do a lot of bullying and from the funny to the grotesque sometimes she doesn’t she wants to appear in the videos and you force it out and you can see her discomfort “.


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